How Do Octopus Poop?

Octopuses appeared almost 296 million years ago. And you’ll find around 300 octopus species that are divided into 13 families around the world. They are considered one of the smartest sea creatures due to their versatile anatomy.

Besides, in many aspects, they show similarities with humans, for example, their digestive process. On top of that, they even pee and poop on a daily basis which differentiates them from others.

Now a common question regarding this is how do octopus poop?

Well, some people think that they poop through their mouths. That is not true because a tube-like organ called a siphon helps them throw away their body waste.

However, this is not constant for all octopus species. In some species, there’s only one tube. So they have to use the tube for both eating and pooping.

Until now, if you got curious enough to know more about these, walk with us to the end.

Let’s get started.

How Do Octopus Poop?

Octopus poop through a hole. That hole is known as a siphon. This is a tube-like organ that expels all the waste of an octopus. The siphon also helps in shooting the water jets so that an octopus can move forward. Also, this is the organ that can throw ink that serves as a defence against potential predators.

Basically, the exact location of the siphon is on the mantle. The mantle is the powerhouse of all the organs, including its heart and gill.

Octopuses have a very complex anatomical system. Having said that, the male octopus will die after mating, whereas the female octopus gains a lot of energy and waste. That means female octopus will poop only after mating.

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The stool has low levels of sulphate, potassium, and chloride and thus resembles human blood. Additionally, if an octopus is stressed about anything, then its body produces hemocyanin so it can survive any situation.

How Does Octopus Poop Look like?

Octopus feces are characterized by being extremely fine and long strings of white color. They do not have any odour.

When the gigantic Pacific octopus has to get rid of waste, it does so through a siphon, a funnel-shaped hole in its mantle. Thus, its waste is expelled as a long, noodle-like strand.


Moreover, according to research, the feces of octopuses can reveal a lot about their anatomy.

In this particular study, the researchers determined the amounts of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and corticosterone found in their feces. And all these “data” obtained from the feces of Giant Pacific octopuses.

Do Octopus Poop from Their Mouths?

No. They only use their mouth for drinking and eating food. After eating the food, their digestive process starts. Then again, after digesting the food, their waste-leaving process will start.

Basically, octopus waste leaves its body through a funnel called a siphon. And the interesting fact is that octopuses cannot have more food until they poop. As already said, the mantle is the organ where you can find this tube.

But in some species, this siphon is located inside the octopus’s mouth. Besides, you’ll be surprised to know octopuses are wasteful machines. The reason is that they recycle their trash by consuming the same food repeatedly.


Can you pee an octopus?

The urinary papillae of an octopus are located on the anterior aspect of the renal sacs. And this gland is responsible for the ejection of urine.

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What exactly is the colorful fluid that the octopus secretes?

For most cephalopods, escaping danger requires releasing dark or bright ink into the water. And this is where the name “cephalopod ink” comes from. Except for the Nautilidae (nautilus) and the Cirrina (deep-sea octopus), all cephalopods can secrete ink to throw off would-be predators.

Do Octopus fart?

No, they can’t fart gas. However, they throw jets of water. It helps them to propel forward. However, some authors named the process “pseudo-fart.”


So how do octopus poop? If you have read so far, you already know the answer.

Octopus poop through a siphon. This particular organ is the only one used for its bodily waste.

Their poop is more look like a string noodle. I know it’s gross to think!

And if you pet an octopus, you must clean the tank water after they poop. Unless it can affect their health.

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