Do Puffer Fish Eat Squid?

pufferfish and squid

Do pufferfish eat squid? Yes, puffer fish eat squid. Their diet also includes a variety of fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates like squid. Squid food in grocery stores is a good energy source for these cute fish. Those who have puffer fish in their aquariums buy squid food for their pets’ healthy lives. However, there is … Read more

How Long Do Puffer Fish Live?

puffer fish

Puffer fish has been a popular name among humans! Be it consuming these fishes as a delicacy or even keeping them as pets, humans love them! Especially their goofy structure when they turn themselves into the shape of a ball is a treat to watch. But, when people are keeping them as pets, many factors … Read more

Are Puffer Fish Poisonous?[Explained]

poisonous puffer fish

Puffer fishes are wonderful animals that people consider keeping as pets and having as delicacies. Yes, in many countries, people have developed this habit of eating them.  Honestly, it does not matter if people want to keep puffer fish as pets or have them as delicacies, what matters is whether they’re safe or not.  Yes, … Read more

Where Do Puffer Fish Live?

puffer fish

Many of you guys wonder- what is a pufferfish? Well, let’s start this informative article with a fact about pufferfish! Whenever we mention pufferfish, everyone assumes fluffy animals at the back of their mind. Well, that is not the case, always. In fact, these animals inflate into the shape of a ball so that they … Read more

Do Puffer Fish Have Teeth? [Explained]

puffer fish spike

“Tetraodontidae” (Scientific name of pufferfish) are marine animals that are wonderful predators. These marine animals fill in huge amounts of water in their stomach to get fluffed up. By fluffing up, they keep predators away. Another interesting fact about pufferfish is that they are capable of spreading out one of the most poisonous venoms and … Read more