Can You Eat Blobfish? [Is it Safe to Eat?]


Blobfish is a deep-sea creature, so humans do not usually consume it. Because of its gelatinous texture, blobfish meat is thought to be too mushy and tasteless to be enjoyable as a food source. However, the fact is blobfish is edible, and it has a good taste. In this article, I will discuss in more … Read more

Are Blobfish Endangered? [How Many Blobfish Left]

blobfish in dark

In short, Yes. Blobfish is one of the endangered fish species since there are only 420 fish left worldwide. According to experts, this species can become extinct in the near future due to overfishing and destruction of their natural habitat. In this article, I will discuss more detail on their conservation status and what actions … Read more

Do Blobfish Have Bones? [Facts Explained]


In short, blobfish don’t have strong bones. All they have is soft cartilaginous structures that support their body weight in the high water pressure of their deep-sea environment. Blobfish are also known to lack a swim bladder which helps many other fish maintain buoyancy and stay afloat. This means that they have to rely solely … Read more

Where Do Blobfish Live? [Blobfish Habitat]

Where Do Blobfish Live

Blobfish, also known as the ugliest animal, is a deep ocean dweller. In short, blobfish inhabit the marine waters of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans and can be found at depths ranging from 100 to 2800 meters (mostly live between 600 to 1200 meters). However, there is more you should know about the living of … Read more

Do Blobfish Lay Eggs? [Yes- Here is How]

dead blobfish

Yes, blobfish lay eggs. Interestingly, depending on the species, an adult female blobfish lays between 10,000 to 100,000 eggs every 4-5 days. Want to know more about the reproduction of blobfish? This article will tell you all about it! Do Blobfish Lay Eggs? Yes, adult female blobfish lays pinkish eggs. Like other fishes, they are … Read more

What Do Blobfish Eat and How?


The world’s ugliest animal, Blobfish, eats things like crabs, carrions, dead meat, urchins, and marine snow. They are real generalists who can survive in the deep ocean’s harsh conditions and limited resources. In this article, we will learn the details of how Blobfish hunt their prey. What do Blobfish Eat? Blobfish enjoy dead animals, marine … Read more