Amano Shrimp: Habitat, Diet, Anatomy & Other Facts

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp are originally from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and some parts of China and can be found in streams and rivers. They can adapt to various water temperatures between 64°F to 86°F, yet they prefer cooler waters that contain a lot of dissolved oxygen. If you believe that Amano Shrimp are only freshwater creatures, then … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp: Habitat, Diet, Anatomy & Facts

Harlequin Shrimp

The harlequin shrimp is a saltwater shrimp species that inhabits coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its beautiful appearance and selective diet make it a unique creature among shrimp species. Now, in this article, I will describe this shrimp in detail. About: Harlequin Shrimp The Harlequin Shrimp is a strikingly colored species … Read more

Do Shrimp Sleep? [Yes, But How?]


Do shrimp sleep? Yes, shrimps do sleep, but their sleeping pattern varies. Some prefer to sleep at night, while most shrimp sleep during the day. However, they do not experience deep sleep like humans. Instead, they rest briefly to save energy. When sleeping, they tend to have minimal movement, be unresponsive to external stimulation, and … Read more

Are Shrimp Decomposers? [Answered]


Although shrimps consume organic matter, including decaying plants and animals, which aids in decomposition, they act more as scavengers than true decomposers. So, are shrimp decomposers? My opinion is “No.” Scavengers and decomposers are not exact. And in this article, I will discuss their differences and why shrimps are not decomposers. Are Shrimps Decomposers? Shrimps … Read more

Do Shrimp Have Blood? [Color and Function Explained]


Shrimps do have blood, but it’s not similar to the blood found in humans. It is called hemolymph, which has both cellular and liquid components. The cellular component consists of hemocytes, while the liquid component contains various humoral factors, which are macromolecules of the circulatory system. In this article, I will describe the blood of … Read more

Are Shrimp Bugs? [No, Here’s Why]

Tiger Shrimp

No, shrimps are not categorized as bugs or insects. Instead, they are crustaceans that are related to lobsters and crabs. To know more in detail about why shrimps are not bugs and what are similarities and dissimilarities they have read the article. Here I have provided some of the key points to understand why shrimps … Read more

Do Shrimps Have Hearts? [Why It’s in the Head?]


Shrimps do have hearts, but their hearts are located in their heads and have a different structure than human hearts. Shrimps also have an open circulatory system, meaning their organs are directly bathed in hemolymph, a fluid that carries out important bodily functions. This system is more efficient for aquatic animals, so shrimp hearts don’t … Read more

What Do Shrimps Eat? [Complete Food List]


Shrimps eat almost everything in their habitat. If you ask, “What do shrimp eat the most?” Plankton, algae, and other tiny organisms will be at the top of this list. However, you may notice slight differences in the food habit between the saltwater (oceanic) shrimps and the freshwater shrimps. Even when they are in aquariums, … Read more

Do Shrimps Have Scales? [Explained]


No, shrimps do not have scales. However, they are covered in a hard exoskeleton-like shell that serves the same purpose as scales, protecting them from predators and environmental elements. Now you might have a question: Why don’t shrimps have scales like fish? Well, in this article, I will discuss in detail the external shell of … Read more