Lobster vs Crayfish: Key Differences Explained

Lobster vs Crayfish

Lobsters and Crayfish, both intriguing crustaceans, are distinct in many ways. Lobsters, primarily marine dwellers, have long bodies and are found in oceans worldwide. They are commercially significant and often considered a delicacy. On the other hand, crayfish are freshwater creatures that are smaller in size and mostly inhabit rivers, lakes, and streams. Their segmented … Read more

Do Lobsters Pee Out of Their Eyes?


Do lobsters pee out of their eyes? Well, lobsters have urine-release nozzles located right under their eyes, and they use this area to pee. So it’s not like they pee out of their eyes but from the facial area. Interestingly, they communicate by urinating in each other’s faces, whether during a fight or when mating. … Read more

Are There Lobsters in The Pacific Ocean?


Yes, there are lobsters in the Pacific Ocean. However, a few species of spiny lobsters are found there. These lobsters are also known as Pacific lobsters. In this article, I will discuss them in detail. Which Lobsters Are There in The Pacific Ocean? People often think that there might be no lobster in the Pacific … Read more

How Long Can a Lobster Live Out of Water?


A lobster is a saltwater oceanic crustacean. When they are out of their natural habitat, their lifespan becomes much shorter. Generally, lobsters can live out of water from a few hours up to 48 hours. They may survive longer if kept in moist and cool conditions with oxygenated water. Even they can’t survive more in … Read more

Are Lobsters Arachnids? [No, Here’s Why]


While some may believe that lobsters, scorpions, and spiders are from the same family of animals – arachnids – this is, in fact, not true. Lobsters are not arachnids, and they belong to their own group called Decapoda and should not be confused with arachnids. This article will dive deep into the topic and uncover … Read more

Shrimp Vs Lobster: What are the Differences?

shrimp vs lobster

Do you want to know about the highest nutritious seafood, Shrimp vs. Lobster? Shrimp and Lobster look somewhat similar, but they have different characteristics. So, when buying these kinds of seafood, it is essential to have a clear concept about them. Again, to know what type of nutrition they provide, you need to know their … Read more

Do Lobsters Mate for Life? Secrets of Lobsters Mating


In one line, lobsters don’t mate for life. That means lobsters are not monogamous and will mate with multiple partners over their lifetime. Wait! There is something more exciting that you should know regarding this matter. Do Lobsters Mate for Life? Generally, lobsters don’t mate for life. However, it is not uncommon for a pair … Read more

Do Lobsters Have Blood? -Is it Colored or Colorless?


Do lobsters have blood? Like every animal, lobsters have blood but it is not like human blood. Why can’t we see their blood? It’s because lobsters’ blood has no color. You will find a detailed explanation of lobster blood in this blog. So let’s dig into the blog! Do Lobsters Have Blood? -Explained Lobster has … Read more

Do Lobsters Have Brains? The Nervous System of Lobsters


The primitive nervous system of lobsters means they don’t have brains like a human. This makes people curious about how they think and feel. And here this article will let you know everything in this regard. Do Lobsters Have Brains? Lobsters don’t have brains. Instead of fully functional brains, lobsters have far fewer neurons than … Read more