Copepods: Anatomy, Habitat, Diet & Other Facts


Copepods are tiny crustaceans that belong to the class Copepoda. They are one of the most diverse and abundant animals, with over 14,000 known species. They are found in almost every freshwater and saltwater habitat on our planet. Most copepods exist as plankton. Some copepods are also parasitic, living on or inside other animals, including … Read more

What Eats Copepods? Copepods as Prey


The humble copepod is often referred to as the cow of the sea. These tiny creatures predominantly eat phytoplankton but are also preyed upon by other ocean animals like fishes, whales, and even seabirds. Now there are so many questions that may come to your mind, “What fish eat copepods?” “Do small fish eat copepods?” … Read more

Are Copepods Herbivores? What Do Copepods Eat?


Copepods are known to be generally herbivorous animals. However, some scientists have recently begun to realize that some copepods are actually omnivorous. It’s not about the species; it’s actually about their habitat. Want to know more? This article will tell you in detail whether copepods are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores and also discuss what copepods … Read more