Oarfish: 20 Real and Incredible Oarfish Facts

oarfish image

Oarfish are mysterious. With a gigantic body structure and living in a depth of around 200 to 1000 metres, they’re often known as sea monsters to many. However, in reality, Oarfish are often considered friendly and harmless. It sounds really confusing, right? There are so many incredible oarfish facts to know. The rare appearance of … Read more

Are Oarfish Dangerous?


No, Oarfish are not dangerous. In fact, Oarfish is considered one of the most friendly and harmless marine creatures. Although it’s quite natural to consider themselves as dangerous due to their gigantic body structure, in reality, they aren’t dangerous at all. They are peace loving and harmless! Oarfish have a massive length of around 36 … Read more

Do Oarfish Lay Eggs or Give Birth?

oarfish lay eggs

Oarfish don’t give birth. Being massive in structure, people often consider them mammals just like whales. But in reality, Oarfish lay eggs. Just like other fishes, Oarfish lay eggs in the water, and the baby Oarfish are hatched and develop into larvae within 3 weeks. It’s believed that female Oarfish lay around 140,000 eggs during … Read more

What Do Oarfish Eat?


Oarfish are carnivorous. Despite having a gigantic body shape and structure, Oarfish live on eating plankton and small marine creatures. A majority portion of an oarfish’s diet consists of Krill, squid, and shrimp. On top of these, tiny fishes are also on the regular diet of Oarfish! As you already know, Oarfish are massive in … Read more

Where and How Long do Oarfish Live?


Oarfish are mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, Southern California’s Topanga Beach, and the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Generally speaking, oarfish are found in all tropical and temperate waters worldwide. They prefer to live in deep waters at a depth of around 3300ft in Oceans. About the lifespan of Oarfish, the specific lifespan of … Read more