Barnacles On Crab: Do Barnacles Hurt Crabs?


Barnacles are very common on crabs. But if you ask whether barnacles hurt crabs, then it depends on the type of barnacles and sometimes the crab’s species. And in this article, I will provide detailed information on which barnacles harm crabs, how they do it, and why. Additionally, I will explain how to remove these … Read more

What Do Emerald Crabs Eat? Emerald Crab Eating Habit

Emerald Crab

People love emerald crabs because they are small and give their aquariums a new look. But most people need to learn what do emerald crabs eat. If you are planning to put some emerald crabs in your aquarium, you have to know their’ eating habits. Otherwise, you may lose some of your precious aquarium fish. … Read more