Lobster vs Crayfish: Key Differences Explained

Lobster vs Crayfish

Lobsters and Crayfish, both intriguing crustaceans, are distinct in many ways. Lobsters, primarily marine dwellers, have long bodies and are found in oceans worldwide. They are commercially significant and often considered a delicacy. On the other hand, crayfish are freshwater creatures that are smaller in size and mostly inhabit rivers, lakes, and streams. Their segmented … Read more

Do Whales Live in The Arctic? Yes, 3 Species!

whales in arctic

Whales are warm-blooded marine mammals. However, do whales live in the Arctic? Can they endure the extreme cold waters of approximately −1.8 °C (28.8 °F) in this frigid region? Although the Arctic is home to only a few whale species, the arrival of summer heralds the return of migratory whales. These include the majestic humpback, … Read more

Sperm Whale vs Orca: Key Differences Explained

Sperm Whale vs Orca

The Sperm Whale and the Orca are both iconic figures of the ocean, yet they exhibit strikingly different characteristics. Sperm whales, with their massive blocky heads, can grow up to 60 feet long and mainly feed on squid. They prefer deeper oceanic waters and live in structured social groups. Orcas have a distinct black-and-white coloration, … Read more

Can Sea Turtles Hide in Their Shells?

sea turtle

No, sea turtles can’t hide in their shells. Unlike their relatives, such as land turtles and tortoises, sea turtles cannot hide in their shells for protection. This is because a sea turtle’s anatomy is adapted to being underwater. As a result, it cannot hide inside its flat shell. Even though sea turtles can’t hide in … Read more

Squid Vs Octopus: What are the Key Differences?

Squid Vs Octopus

At first glance, squid and octopus might appear to be similar animals. But once you dive deeper, you’ll find some prominent distinctions. One notable feature that sets them apart is their shape. The bodies of squid and octopus are more elongated and rounded, respectively. A squid has two tentacles with eight arms, while an octopus … Read more

Fried Egg Jellyfish: Story of Egg-Yolk Jellies

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Fried egg jellyfish is one of the fascinating water creatures. It is also known as Egg-Yolk jellyfish. It belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. These are smaller jellyfish and are mostly found in the Pacific Ocean. They have distinctive yellow bell-shaped bodies. The tentacles of fried egg jellyfish are delicate. These are favorites among beachgoers and … Read more

Do Jellyfish Die? [Myths Explained]

box jellyfish

Yes, jellyfish do die. There are rumors on Google that say there is an exception known as the immortal jellyfish, which has an endless life span. Are you thinking, how is it possible if all living beings die after a certain time? Is it really true? We know you were stunned after reading it. But … Read more

Do Jellyfish Have Teeth? [Answered]

glow of jellyfish

No, jellyfish do not have teeth because they lack a skeleton system. However, Beroid Comb Jellyfish possess tiny finger-like projections or sticky cells that help them catch prey. These projections are called Macrocillia and they help jellyfish to pierce, grind and direct their prey toward the gastrovascular cavity. Jellyfish have been around for 600 million … Read more