Our Story and Mission

Under-ocean animals are the most amazing and mysterious creatures on earth. There are many creatures under the oceans, many of whom we don’t even know about. Some of them are endangered, and some are going to be extinct.

At the beginning of this website, we wanted to give authentic and interesting facts about the under-ocean animals. But it came to our knowledge that many of the animals are endangered, which are corroborated by ocean animal researchers.

Since then, we have been working to save ocean animals by encouraging and informing our readers and visitors about the lives, behavior, and habitats of amazing animals under the oceans.  

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Editorial Policy

The only objective of the editorial policy of this website is to give our visitors accurate, authentic, relevant and quality information.

Accuracy: The content we produce is based on extensive research by our editors and writes. The facts and information are verified by our editorial panel and then published on this site.

Authenticity: Our writers research on the topics from various journals about marine and ocean lives. We rigorously check the facts we present on this website.

Who We Are

Sinzer Ahmed, Founder and Chief Editor

Sinzer Ahmed

Sinzer loves sea and ocean, and extremely enthusiastic about animals, especially animals under the ocean. As an engineer, he traveled to the USA, Mexico, and some parts of Asia, like Sri Lanka, to enjoy the sea life closely. He loves to explore and learn about new species in the ocean.

Imtiaz Mahi, Researcher and Writer

Imtiaz is a Lawyer by profession, and he has been writing and researching undersea animals since he was a student. He loves to read about the beautiful creatures on earth. In his leisure, he travels to different destinations and enjoys football and thriller movies.

Navid Nafiue, Editor and Writer

Navid Nafiue is an engineer by profession and a content writer by passion. He’s enthusiastic about marine animals and loves learning new facts every day. Alongside learning, he makes sure to share them with the readers. His knack for learning and enthusiasm keeps him going and helps him explore the marine world underneath and bring out amazing facts!

Faisal Abedin, Writer

As a biology graduate, Faisal enjoys researching and knowing about different species of animals. He is extremely creative and loves to play music during his leisure.

Fatima Firdous, Writer

Fatima Firdous is a full-time professional writer. She has seven years of writing experience on different blogs. Fatima has an honors degree in zoology from Rajshahi University. After graduating, he has been writing for different blogs. She has a keen interest in animals and wildlife.