Can You Eat Isopods?

Are you a seafood lover? Have you tasted shrimp, crabs, and octopus and are now wondering whether it’s worth trying the tiny little isopods? If yes, you’ve just arrived at the right place!

Yes, you can eat isopods. Isopods are tiny little creatures that taste almost like chickens when cooked properly. On top of that, some people have found it tastes closer to shrimp and crabs when it’s roasted and fried. Isopods have a hard outer shell that’s crunchy and delicious to eat!

If you’re one of those who likes to try out unconventional seafoods, isopods would surely be one of those. Although they live in dirty environments, the taste they possess is unexplainable!

So, can you eat isopods? Let’s find out how they taste and where they are mostly eaten. Without any further ado, let’s get started…

Can You Eat Isopods?

Yes, you can eat isopods.

Isopods are mainly found around bushes and jungles and are mostly seen eating different waste and dead animals. Seeing this, it’s quite obvious to find it disgusting. So many people would think that they are non-edible.

But what if I tell you that you can eat isopods? Surprised, right?

Isopods are indeed edible. Be it terrestrial isopods or marine ones; isopods are eaten in many places around the world.

Although they’re tiny little bugs, they have a very good taste. But to get the best output and the taste, there are some cooking processes that you need to follow. Well, we’ll cover this some other day in the future…

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Can you Eat Terrestrial Isopods?

If you’ve studied isopods, you certainly know that thousands of species of isopods live on land and water. And the ones that live on the land are known as terrestrial isopods.

Generally, terrestrial isopods are quite common in our environment. They’re found everywhere in every mess and garbage dump.


As they’re found in the dirt and garbage, the real question arises, can you eat terrestrial isopods?

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Well, the answer might surprise you, but yes, terrestrial isopods can be eaten.

It’s highly preferred to eat isopods with good processing and cooking properly. As isopods live around garbage, once they are cleaned and appropriately processed, there’s little chance of getting infected. On top of that, when cooked, the infectious particles vanish away. So there’s almost zero chance of getting infected by cooked isopods when eaten.

Can You Eat Marine Isopods?

Among thousands of species of isopods, there are a handful of them that live in water or seas. These are mainly called marine isopods.

Marine isopods are indeed edible. In fact, they’re cleaner than the terrestrial ones, and they live by eating tiny fishes and other marine creatures. So from this perspective, they’re easier to digest.

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One surprising fact is that marine isopods taste better. Marine isopods somewhat feel like eating a crab or shrimp when cooked. According to some people, they found the taste of isopods like chicken! It’s unbelievable, I know, but it is what it is!

Can You Eat Giant Isopods?

Giant isopods are the biggest among all the species of isopods. They are around 16 inches in length and are one of the tastiest isopods.

Giant isopods have great demand in many places, especially in Asia and Japan. They, too, taste like shrimp and crab. On top of that, the quantity of meat is also higher in giant isopods.

Like terrestrial isopods and marine isopods, giant isopods also taste a bit like chicken. Due to their big length, they have got a very special demand among foodies.

As giant isopods are somewhat big in size, they’ve sharp claws and sharp edges in their body. Although they are not dangerous or have a lesser chance of attacking humans, still, there’s a high chance of getting hurt by those sharp claws.

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Keeping this in mind, giant isopods are properly cleaned, and the sharp claws and edges are sometimes cut off. On top of that, the hard shell is also removed sometimes. But it is done on customer demand because the hard shell tastes so good!

Can You Eat Isopods Without Cooking?

Thinking of eating these tiny little bigs to get a different taste? Well, you can, but it isn’t very encouraging!

Isopods can be eaten without cooking as well. But the problem is, there are high chances of getting hurt and sick from eating their ray.

Isopods have sharp claws in their body. So, if they’re eaten raw, you might hurt yourself from these sharp edges. Secondly, most of the isopods you see nearby live in dirty places. So, if eaten directly, you’ll surely face bacterial and fungal attacks.

So, can you eat isopods without cooking? Yes, you can! But is it advisable? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

What Does Isopod Taste Like?

Honestly saying, isopods taste really good when processed and cooked properly! And they taste almost like shrimp, crabs, and chicken!

Due to living in dirty environments, most people find these tiny creatures disgusting. Even if they’re cooked and served, people don’t want to eat them normally, thinking they would be tasteless.


But what if I tell you isopods taste different when cooked and fried properly? Don’t believe me, right?

Well, isopods are one of the most delicious foods when processed and cooked properly. They are tiny little creatures. But when they’re cooked, they taste like actual chicken.

Besides, some people who’ve tasted isopods before having shared their experiences. And according to them, isopods taste almost like shrimp and crabs. Just like crabs, isopods have hard shells on their body. And both the hard shells are crunchy and make the whole food delicious!

Are Isopods Harmful to Humans?

No, isopods aren’t harmful to humans!

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Isopods don’t attack, nor are they dangerous. But though they don’t attack, there are chances of getting hurt by isopods while catching or eating them.

Isopods have got numerous sharp claws. They even have sharp chambers that can hurt your fingers when catching them or eating them.

So to be on the safer side, it’s always recommended to wear protective gloves while catching them and cut off the sharp claws and edges while cooking them.

But generally speaking, isopods aren’t harmful or dangerous.

Can Isopods Cause Bacterial Attacks?

There’s a higher chance of getting a bacterial attack if you eat terrestrial isopods.

As you already know, terrestrial isopods live in dirty places like jungles, garbage disposals, and waste. On top of that, they know almost everything around them.

So, if you’re one of those adventures who’d like to pick these little bugs from the ground and eat them raw, well, DON’T!

Isopods contain bacteria and germs in their body as they live in dirty places. So if you eat them without cleaning or cooking properly, the bacteria will get inside your body through them, and you’ll certainly experience vomiting and loose motion. Besides, things might get even more dangerous, and they might also have to be taken to the hospital.

So based on these, there are chances of getting bacterial attacks from isopods.


Isopods are quite a popular food in Asian countries. Due to their availability and excellent taste, they’ve also got their place in regular diets.

Although isopods look dirty from the outside, they have excellent shrimp and crab-like taste. The outer shell is one of the favourite things to eat for regular foodies who love seafood.

So, if you’re wondering if you can eat isopods, I believe you’ve got your answer. Now it’s your turn to taste these tiny bugs and let us know how they taste according to you!

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