Barnacle Anatomy [Explained in Detail]


A barnacle is a type of crustacean known as a cirripede. Its body is covered with tough plates made of calcium carbonate and attaches itself to hard surfaces to live. However, this article will let you know more about barnacle anatomy. Barnacle Anatomy: External, Internal & Reproduction Here are some anatomical systems of barnacles are … Read more

Barnacles On Crab: Do Barnacles Hurt Crabs?


Barnacles are very common on crabs. But if you ask whether barnacles hurt crabs, then it depends on the type of barnacles and sometimes the crab’s species. And in this article, I will provide detailed information on which barnacles harm crabs, how they do it, and why. Additionally, I will explain how to remove these … Read more

Gooseneck Barnacles: All You Need to Know

Gooseneck Barnacles

Filter-feeding crustaceans, known as gooseneck barnacles, stalked barnacles, or goose barnacles, reside in the ocean’s intertidal zone and attach themselves to the hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam. These barnacles are of the family Lepadidae and are often found in large clusters, forming a carpet-like layer on surfaces. In this article, I will discuss gooseneck … Read more

Are Barnacles Alive? [Explained]


Yes, barnacles are real and alive. These tiny organisms are related to crabs and shrimp, and they live attached to a surface—such as rocks, logs, other marine creatures, and even boats. When they attach themselves, their bodies expand into a cone-shaped shell that keeps them safe from predators. Now, about these tiny creatures, so many … Read more

Barnacles On Whales: Do Barnacles Hurt Whales?

barnacles on whale

The relationship between barnacles and whales is fascinating and raises some interesting questions. Do barnacles hurt whales when they attach to their skin? The answer is no! Barnacles don’t hurt whales. Barnacles attach to whales for riding and movement purposes. They don’t feed on whales. Read this full article to learn more about the relationship … Read more

Are Barnacles Parasites? [Facts Explained]


Barnacles can sometimes be parasites. One example of a parasitic barnacle is Rhizocephalan, which mostly parasitizes decapod crustaceans such as crabs. In this article, I will discuss more in detail regarding these parasitic barnacles. Are Barnacle Parasites? Yes, barnacles can be parasites. While most people are familiar with the barnacles that cling to rocks, piers, … Read more

What Do Barnacles Eat? [Complete Diet]


Barnacles are filter feeders, meaning they strain food from the surrounding water. They primarily feed on plankton—tiny organisms as well as detritus (decomposed organic matter). Barnacles also consume algae and bacteria. Now, you might have a question regarding how they catch their food and what kind of digestive system they have. Don’t worry. In this … Read more

Barnacles Definition: What Do Barnacles Do?


Barnacles feed on tiny organisms in the surrounding water. They use their feet to catch food and filter out organic matter from the water. Barnacles have been known to attach themselves to whales, turtles, and other large ocean animals. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for the barnacle and its host as it provides protection … Read more

Do Barnacles Hurt Turtles?


You’ve probably seen a turtle before and noticed that there’s something small stuck to its body. Those are barnacles, and they’re the kind of crustaceans that attach themselves to turtles. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not barnacles hurt turtles, this blog post is for you. Due to the fact that most barnacles only cling … Read more