Can Sea Turtles Hide in Their Shells?

sea turtle

No, sea turtles can’t hide in their shells. Unlike their relatives, such as land turtles and tortoises, sea turtles cannot hide in their shells for protection. This is because a sea turtle’s anatomy is adapted to being underwater. As a result, it cannot hide inside its flat shell. Even though sea turtles can’t hide in … Read more

Do Sea Turtles Bite? Yes, Here’s Why?

sea turtle

Unless threatened or provoked, sea turtles will not bite you. They are familiar as docile sea turtles, and they are not a danger to you when you think of attacking animals. A sea turtle bite isn’t common; instead, it’s a rare case. Have a look at the mouth of the sea turtles and you will … Read more

How Long Can Sea Turtles Hold Their Breath?

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When active, sea turtles can hold their breath for several hours. However, they must return to the surface every few minutes to breathe. When resting, they can stay underwater for nearly 2 hours. In winter, they can hold their breath for up to 7 hours in cold water. Because sea turtles don’t have gills or … Read more

Do Sharks Eat Sea Turtles? Sharks Vs Sea Turtles

shark vs sea turtle

Sharks typically look at anything smaller than themselves as a potential food source. So, if sea turtles are smaller, sharks will eat them. However, not all sharks eat sea turtles. It depends on the species of sharks and their environmental food sources. In this article, we’ll examine what types of sharks are most likely to … Read more

Do Sea Turtles Eat Jellyfish? Why & How?

sea turtle and jellyfish

Yes, sea turtles, which are omnivorous and carnivorous, snack on jellyfish. There are seven species of turtles across the world. Among them, most are omnivorous in their youth. In adulthood, it’s common for turtles to become herbivorous. Apart from that, some turtles might even live on small fishes like shrimp till death. The tentacles of … Read more

Do Barnacles Hurt Turtles?


You’ve probably seen a turtle before and noticed that there’s something small stuck to its body. Those are barnacles, and they’re the kind of crustaceans that attach themselves to turtles. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not barnacles hurt turtles, this blog post is for you. Due to the fact that most barnacles only cling … Read more