Are Sawfish Dangerous? [No-Here’s Why]


No! Sawfish are harmless to humans, but they can be dangerous if they are captured. To defend themselves, they usually use their saw from side to side to attack. The saw is the best self-defense weapon against predators like sharks. Yet sawfish couldn’t survive human evils with their dangerous looks and unique self-defense weapon. In … Read more

Is A Sawfish A Shark or Ray? [Explained]

sawfish saw

The sawfish is an unusual sea creature with an elongated, saw-like rostrum that can be used to sense its prey and defend against predators. While the sawfish looks like a combination of a shark and a ray, but it actually is a Ray. Sawfish are part of the ray family (Raja) and have many characteristics … Read more

Do Sawfish Have Teeth? [Explained]


Yes, technically, it’s true that sawfish have teeth. The extended sawfish skull (chondrocranium) is named the rostrum, covered with mostly white teeth. Scientifically, these teeth are not actually teeth. They are modified placoid rostral scales covered by skin. Teeth size and numbers of sawfish vary with different species, gender, and age. Sawfish teeth growth, numbers, … Read more

Are Sawfish Endangered?


Yes, the ocean is home to many mysterious and majestic creatures, like sawfish. These ancient fish are now endangered, so let’s examine why this species has declined so significantly in just the last few decades. Sawfish, among the most iconic ocean creatures, have been on the endangered species list since 2003 due to human interference … Read more