What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like?

Raw urchins taste sweet, salty, and umami because of the 3 most delicious molecules: Sugars, amino acids, and salts. But it will taste bitter, and the texture starts to turn slimy if it isn’t in fresh mode. Good and over cooked sea urchin will taste like Briney, rich egg yolk.

Umm.. it’s indeed a good piece of uni or sea urchin that can give you a sweet and creamy feeling. However, it’s normal that when you go through tasting seafood, you may have some bad experiences for several reasons.

Considering all good and bad reviews, today’s context will unleash the ultimate taste of sea urchins. Oh..buddy, lets’ get started; I can’t wait anymore!!!

Can You Eat Sea Urchins?

Yes, of course, you can eat sea urchins. Usually, they are treated as a tasty treat for many restaurants, especially in Japan and seafood-loving countries (Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Chile, and Tanzania).

Although with hundreds of species of sea urchins, you may find some uni with sea water/mineral taste, but they never be bitter. These small, round, spiny creatures can be a taste source in different ways.

Note: Sea urchins are available in the markets from September through May in most places. The taste is flavorful in colder months, but it’s not turning down to high quality in June.

Let’s explore the taste parameter of this sea flower in the following sections.

A Chart of Different Types of Sea Urchins And Their Taste: (At A Glance)

Different Types of Sea UrchinsSea Urchins Taste Like
Raw sea urchinIt tastes like umami-salty sweetness because it is full of salt, sugar, and amino acids.
Sea urchin sushiSavory, briny and umami flavor
Fresh sea urchin roeOcean flavor with zinc and iron taste
Purple sea urchinChef Jacob Harth says, it tastes like plump, buttery insides a citrus taste.
cooked sea urchinBoiled egg yolk
sea urchin that came from BostonButtery, creamy, slightly salty with a small hint of sweet honey.
Murasaki uni (a common type available in Japan)Delicately mild and sweet
Bafun uni (Located in deep ocean territory)Bolder taste

What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like? Taste Hunting Parameters

Believe me; it seems odd to taste it at first sight. But in real life, the case is pretty interesting, especially for many seafood lovers.

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According to food blogger Shizuka Anderson,

“while tasting, the meat of sea urchins melted naturally into her mouth, which was very sweet in taste. In his words, melty or half-melted butter disappeared in my mouth instantaneously. In addition, she claimed it wasn’t bitter at all. To increase the taste and flavor, you can eat it with a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce.”

Fortunately, I studied a lot to satisfy my curiosity because I believe tastes differ from person to person or from species to species. I found some seafood lovers who claimed that it tastes like a toned-down version of caviars and oysters.

sea urchin as food

With a strong smell, they feature a flavor ranging from sweet to salty.

Do you know the most logical part of their tastes? As per my research and biological facts and features, the taste of sea urchins or uni depends on two important things: a) their gender (male or female) and b) their food habit (what they eat or feed on).

a) sea urchins or uni taste based on gender

We know that the edible part is sea urchins is gonads which are also called sea urchins roe. According to the taste experiment, male and female roe taste results are as follows.

  • The taste of male sea urchins’ roe: Sweet
  • The taste of female sea urchins’ roe: Bitter taste with a more robust odor.

 b) sea urchins or uni taste based on food habits

Sea urchins love to eat algae, kelp and seaweed in their daily food list. Their feed changes the taste and flavor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they taste like algae or seaweed. A well-cooked and prepared sea urchins feature complex flavor and buttery taste.

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Tips: Different cooking methods and adding additives or effective seasonings are some practical solutions to adjust the taste and flavors of sea urchins.

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No doubt, if someone wants to experience the real taste of sea urchins, he/she needs to try fresh uni. Keep them out of storage for a short time because this will ruin the freshness, taste and flavor.

Fortunately, several taste buddies share their experience that sea urchins are not fishy to taste. However, they often taste like the water they live in (much like an oyster, conch or clam).

Do you know what the best-tasting sea urchin in the ocean world is? According to the taste experiment based on different species, the best-tasting sea urchin is Kita Murasaki Uni. It tastes extremely creamy and has a complex depth of flavor. Besides this, it features great demand as one of the top-quality sea urchins in japan.

What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like? True Life Taste Experiments Related to Sea Urchins Taste

I found One seafood lover on Reddit where he shared his first-time taste experience of Uni or sea Urchins. He claimed it tasted creamy and came with smells of the ocean (faint salty taste). The texture was excellent that gave me a heaven-like feel and flavor.

Another person claimed that he tasted Sea Urchins in a sushi place in Brooklyn, NY. He said it tasted like bitter, acidic chemicals because it wasn’t alive.

Is Sea Urchin Good for You?

Along with a good taste, sea urchins come with Nutritious benefits to human body. The main Nutrition rich components you will get from this sea flower are as follows.

  • Beta carotene
  • Minerals
  • Protein
  • dietary fiber and
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
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Why Does Sea Urchin Taste Bad?

The answer is simple; bad sea urchins taste bad. Hahaha….right!!! Yes, low-quality and stocked item are referred to as bad sea urchins or Uni, which doesn’t taste great.

Unfortunately, bad sea urchins are more common than good ones, which taste like sponges. It seems dipped in the sea with a urea taste.

Some people shared their experience that a bad uni tastes like Shamu, which is simply farted in the mouth.

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Does sea urchin taste like poop?

Yes, cheap sea urchin can be tastes like poop or shit. In the sea urchin’s world, you will find two types of Uni: cheap sea urchin and costly sea urchin.

Only the cheap one can be bad, and a bad sea urchins or Uni can be spoiled like baby food where bacteria grows. Often it can taste like stale socks which will give you a worst mouth feel. Indeed, an awful condition.

Users Review: Bad uni smells like piss whereas good uni tastes like pussy.

Does sea urchin taste like caviar?

Yes, sea urchin can be taste like caviar. The sea water and seafood they intake can give them the taste same to caviar.

How it captures your taste buds?

While eating, the taste (sweet, sour, salt, and bitter) binds the taste buds and remains before minimizing with a briny after-taste. However, the texture can be creamy and delicate. It will melt inside of your mouth fast by leaving a sea falvor.


The edible part of a sea urchin looks like a weird yellow tongue which is delicious. According to research, 80% of sea urchins are consumed worldwide by the Japanese.

Sea otters, lobsters and birds also love to taste sea urchins as a fine feast. In a nutshell, eating sea urchins can give you a smooth salty, buttery and oceany piece of heaven like taste.

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