Exploring Sea Robins: Facts and Fascinating Insights

sea robin

Sea robins, or gurnards, are fascinating fish species in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black, and Baltic Seas. These fish belong to the Triglidae family, which includes bottom-dwelling fish. This species has a broad triangular head, prominent eyes, and large pectoral fins. Also, they tend to be reddish or brownish and grow up to 18 inches long. … Read more

Copepods: Anatomy, Habitat, Diet & Other Facts


Copepods are tiny crustaceans that belong to the class Copepoda. They are one of the most diverse and abundant animals, with over 14,000 known species. They are found in almost every freshwater and saltwater habitat on our planet. Most copepods exist as plankton. Some copepods are also parasitic, living on or inside other animals, including … Read more

Crown-of-thorns Starfish (Acanthaster Planci): Habitat, Diet & Other Facts

Crown-of-thorns Starfish

The crown-of-thorns starfish is a marine creature living in the Indo-Pacific region. These starfish have sharp, venomous spines. They come in various colors, like purplish-blue and greenish-gray, making them a sight to behold. But beware! Their beauty can be deceiving. They can cause severe damage to coral reefs. But what makes these starfish such a … Read more

Can You Eat Tarpon? [Taste & Flavour Explained]

Can You Eat Tarpon

Yes, you can consume tarpon as food. However, due to its size and tough, bony flesh, it is not considered a desirable or easy-to-cook fish for human consumption. In addition, the tarpon is often protected by catch-and-release regulations to ensure its survival and preservation as a species. With its distinctive silvery scales and long, streamlined … Read more

Zebra Turkeyfish: Habitat, Diet, Anatomy & Other Facts

Zebra Turkeyfish

Zebra Turkeyfish, also known as Zebra Lionfish, is a venomous marine fish species that belongs to the Scorpaenidae family. These fish are native to the Indo-Pacific region, inhabiting coral reefs and rocky areas. They are a well-known sight for divers and snorkelers because of their striking appearance, which includes bold stripes and long, flowing fins. … Read more

Christmas Tree Worm: Anatomy, Habitat, Diet & Other Facts

Christmas Tree Worm

The scientific name of the Christmas tree worm is Spirobranchus giganteus. It lies under the polychaete worm that is tube-building. Its family is  Serpulidae. Moreover, these little critters are known as the true wonders of the ocean depths. Plus, these marine tube worms are present all over the world in their coral reefs. Interestingly, the … Read more

By-the-Wind Sailor: Anatomy, Habitat, Diet & Other Facts

By-the-Wind Sailor

By-the-wind sailors are commonly known as Velella. Vevella is a single species, and Velella Velella is the name of that species in science.  These species are members of the Hydrozoa class’s monospecific genus.  They belong to the Porpitidae family and are frequently referred to as smaller species of jellyfish. But they are not true jellyfish. … Read more