Are Whales Mammals or Fish?


Are whales mammals or fish? In short, whales are marine mammals, not fish. They are mammals along with dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, and others. While many ocean creatures, such as sharks, are classified as fish, it’s natural to wonder why whales are mammals instead. The answer lies in their evolutionary history and anatomical adaptations. In … Read more

Can Whales Live in Freshwater?

Humpback Whale

Can whales live in freshwater? No. Whales are ocean dwellers, designed for saltwater life. However, some whale species can survive in estuaries. But have you ever wondered why whales can’t live in freshwater? Of course, it’s their anatomical adaptation. Whales are adapted to live in the ocean’s salt water, and their bodies are not designed … Read more

Lobster vs Crayfish: Key Differences Explained

Lobster vs Crayfish

Lobsters and Crayfish, both intriguing crustaceans, are distinct in many ways. Lobsters, primarily marine dwellers, have long bodies and are found in oceans worldwide. They are commercially significant and often considered a delicacy. On the other hand, crayfish are freshwater creatures that are smaller in size and mostly inhabit rivers, lakes, and streams. Their segmented … Read more

How Deep Can a Blue Whale Dive?

Blue Whale

How deep a blue whale can dive in a single breath depends on the age, species, and health of the blue whale, including the overall water condition of that region. According to research, on average, an adult blue whale can dive down up to 1500 feet (457 meters) deep. In this blog, I will discuss … Read more

Do Whales Live in The Arctic? Yes, 3 Species!

whales in arctic

Whales are warm-blooded marine mammals. However, do whales live in the Arctic? Can they endure the extreme cold waters of approximately −1.8 °C (28.8 °F) in this frigid region? Although the Arctic is home to only a few whale species, the arrival of summer heralds the return of migratory whales. These include the majestic humpback, … Read more

Are There Whales in Great Lakes? [No, Here’s Why]


Whales, being marine mammals, are specifically adapted to thrive in oceanic environments. But are there whales in Great Lakes? In short, no, the Great Lakes are not oceans, so no whales live there. Hello, that’s not the end. There are more you need to learn. Apart from being a freshwater ecosystem, there are several reasons … Read more