Whales Breathing: Do Whales Have Gills or Lungs?

Blue Whale

Do whales have gills? No, whales don’t have gills since they are not fish. Whales are marine mammals, and mammals don’t have gills to breathe. Rather, they have lungs. In the case of whales, they have blowholes, like a human’s nose, connected with the trachea and lungs. In this article, I will describe whales breathing … Read more

Do Whales Drink Water? [Yes, Here’s How]

Blue Whale

Yes, whales drink water but in very low quantities. Even they don’t drink like other mammals. You may be surprised why whales need water to drink and how they consume such salty water. Well, here are many things you should know before you understand how whales manage their hydration level. And in this article, I … Read more

How Long Can Whales Hold Their Breath Underwater?


How long can whales hold their breath underwater? On average, whales can hold their breath for up to an hour underwater. Yet, sometimes, they can remain submerged much longer than expected. The longest whale breath-holding record was a stunning 222 minutes! Curious to know more about how they hold their breathing for a long time? … Read more

Do Whales Have Sharp Teeth? [Explained]

whale baleen

While not all whales boast sharp teeth, many do indeed have them. Interestingly, however, some whale species are equipped with an apparatus known as baleen—a filter-like mechanism that serves the same purpose as teeth would. This comprehensive article will uncover the intriguing fact of which whales possess teeth and which do not. Do Whales Have … Read more

Are Blue Whales Gentle? [Whales’ Behaviour]

Blue Whale

Are blue whales gentle? You may think that the largest mammal, Blue Whale, might be so big and powerful that it would be dangerous. But in reality, blue whales are gentle giants who are not known to attack humans. But if they feel threatened due to humans’ presence, they may become aggressive. This article will … Read more

Can Humans Hear Whales? [Yes, Here’s How]


Yes, humans have the capability to listen to whales. However, it may vary depending on the length and location of exposure; for instance, if one is underwater or above water. In this article, we will explore all of these. Can Humans Hear Whales? Yes, humans can hear whales. While most of the whale songs span … Read more

Are Whales Nocturnal? [Whales’ Activity Factors]


Depending on the season, food availability, environment and time of day, both nocturnal and diurnal whales may have varying activity periods or rest intervals. What’s more, these factors are constantly changing, so their behaviour can adapt to meet new needs in different scenarios. So, there is no one-size fit answer to the question, “Are whales … Read more