Blue Whale vs Megalodon: Differences Explained [Battle Winner]

Blue Whale vs. Megalodon

Blue whales and megalodons, two colossal marine inhabitants, are worlds apart in their anatomy, diet, and evolutionary histories. The blue whale, a mammal, breathes air and nourishes its calf with milk. In contrast, the megalodon, a prehistoric shark, was a cold-blooded creature with gills to extract oxygen from water. Blue whales use baleen plates to … Read more

Blue Whale Vs Orca: Key Differences & Battle Winner

blue whale vs orca

Blue whales and orcas may share a common home, but their lifestyles, behaviors, and physical attributes contrast markedly. Blue whales, the largest animals on Earth, predominantly eat tiny crustaceans called krill. In contrast, orcas, or killer whales, have a more varied diet, including seals, sea lions, and even other whales. Furthermore, while orcas exhibit distinct … Read more

Blue Whale vs Whale Shark: Differences and Battle Winner

Blue Whale vs Whale Shark

Blue whales and whale sharks are gigantic ocean creatures, yet they have significant differences. Blue whales are mammals, breathe air, and are carnivorous. On the other hand, whale sharks are the largest fish species, breathe through gills, and are filter feeders. Additionally, Blue Whales are considerably larger and faster. Contrarily, Whale Sharks have unique, checkerboard-patterned … Read more

Are Orcas Dolphins or Whales?


Orca, also known as killer whales, are often considered whales due to their large size. But biologically speaking, orcas are actually a dolphin species – specifically, the largest dolphin species! In this article, I will discuss everything in detail about why orcas are dolphins and what makes them different. So, read the whole article to … Read more

Barnacles On Whales: Do Barnacles Hurt Whales?

barnacles on whale

The relationship between barnacles and whales is fascinating and raises some interesting questions. Do barnacles hurt whales when they attach to their skin? The answer is no! Barnacles don’t hurt whales. Barnacles attach to whales for riding and movement purposes. They don’t feed on whales. Read this full article to learn more about the relationship … Read more

What Do Whales Eat? [Complete Food List]

What do whales eat?

Whales are among the largest and most intelligent creatures in the ocean. These mammals have a wide variety of food sources. They consume anything from small zooplankton to larger marine mammals and fish, depending on where they are in the food chain. This article will provide a detailed discussion of whales’ diet, hunting skills, and … Read more

Do Whales Explode When They Die? Yes, But Why?

Do Whales Explode When They Die?

Whales do not typically explode just after they die. After a certain period, when the whale’s body starts to decompose, gases are produced, which can cause a buildup of pressure inside. If the buildup is large enough, it can cause an explosion in some cases. In this article, I will discuss this issue more scientifically. … Read more

Why Do Sperm Whales Sleep Vertically? [Interesting!]

sperm whale sleeping

The sleeping styles of all whales are not the same. For example, sperm whales are known for sleeping vertically in the water column. On the other side, humpback whales sleep horizontally. However, this article is about sperm whales. Here I will tell how these whales sleep and why. How Do Sperm Whales Sleep? Sperm whales … Read more

How Big Is a Blue Whale’s Eye?

blue whale

You might think that, as the largest living animals, blue whales have the largest eyes. But you’re mistaken. The eye of this massive creature is comparatively the same as a cow’s eye. Yes, a blue whale’s eye is not as big as you might think. In this article, I will explore the intricate anatomy of … Read more

Why Do Whales Breach? [6 Amazing Reasons]


Breaching is a behavior seen in many cetaceans, including whales. It is thought that whales breach for various reasons, although there is not much definitive research on the subject. Some experts believe that breaching may be used as a form of communication between individuals or even to announce their presence to other animals in the … Read more