Do Puffer Fish Have Teeth? [Explained]

“Tetraodontidae” (Scientific name of pufferfish) are marine animals that are wonderful predators.

These marine animals fill in huge amounts of water in their stomach to get fluffed up. By fluffing up, they keep predators away.

Another interesting fact about pufferfish is that they are capable of spreading out one of the most poisonous venoms and toxins out there. This is great for these fishes as they can directly attack other animals.

But, the question is what do they do after attacking other animals with poison? And, do puffer fish have teeth?

Yes, pufferfish have teeth. In fact, pufferfish have 4 teeth. Here, the two teeth are on the top and the other two teeth are situated at the bottom. Both of these four teeth of the pufferfish fuse together to create this one larger tooth. And, this makes the pufferfish seem like it has a large beak, altogether.

That was just the tip of the iceberg, friend! Because there is a lot more to be known in this article. But we have to start somewhere, right?

So, yeah here goes nothing. Let’s see the other segments we have planned in store for you-

Do Puffer Fish Have Teeth?

Yes! Pufferfish have teeth. If you want to know the exact number of how many teeth they have, well, they have four teeth. But, this is already known to you because you have probably read the previous segment.

So, let’s introduce you to something you did not know about-

Pufferfish use their teeth for consumption purposes. Here, they will open mussels, shellfish, and clams using their teeth. Also, the pufferfish have their entire set of teeth fused together to form beak-like overall teeth.

puffer fish

This structure of teeth of pufferfish is then worked and backed up by a powerful set of jaw muscles as well. This proves the incredible bite force and strong teeth.

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So, if someone is wondering if pufferfish have stronger teeth, well, they have incredibly strong teeth. In fact, it is so strong that snails can be crushed easily underneath.

Besides, pufferfish have incredibly powerful jaw muscles as well. This means they can crack open crabs easily too.

That said, pufferfish teeth get eroded after a time. But that is not a problem at all. And why is that?

Well, pufferfish teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Yes, that is the reason why it is not a concern that their teeth get eroded.

Does a Puffer Fish Use Their Teeth to Consume Food?

Yes! Pufferfish use their teeth to chomp on different crustaceans. Since they have incredibly stronger teeth, this makes it easier to crush the harder shells of the crusaceans and mollusks.

Usually, pufferfish consume algae and invertebrates. Here, the four teeth combined as one larger beak-sized tooth come in handy.

Besides, pufferfish have a superior bite force. If you want a number then the exact number is close to 62050 Pa. Compared to the piranhas, the pufferfish is ahead. So, yes, they can easily chomp on anything.

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It is not always about their teeth, though. They have an incredible jaw as well. In fact, a pufferfish was able to chomp on an aluminum can with the help of its stronger jaw muscles.

To summarize, in the end, pufferfish have a superior jaw and a way sharper set of teeth. So, be it shellfish or crabs, pufferfish can easily chomp on their harder shells.

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Does a Pufferfish Hunt its Prey Using its Tooth?

Yes! Pufferfish can use their teeth for their predators and prey. But their teeth are used more for hunting their prey.

Here, pufferfish hunt their prey using any open-water hunting technique. Or the pufferfish can use the ambush technique to hunt their prey.

puffer fish in water

Also, do puffer fish bite?

Yes, pufferfish can bite. Right when pufferfish catch their prey, they can use their sharper teeth and beak to crack open any harder shells and do the rest.

So, yes, they can hunt prey using their sharp teeth.

How to Take Care of the Puffer Fish Teeth?

In the segments above, we have mentioned that the teeth of pufferfish were not a concern because it grows continuously throughout their life.

Now, can you keep puffer fish as pets in aquariums? Yes, you can keep pufferfish in your aquariums. And this segment is clearly dedicated to the owners. Here, we will show you how to take care of a puffer fish’s teeth.

First off, pufferfish teeth grow continuously. So, it overgrows too much. That could be a big problem. Usually, this overgrowing of the teeth is a result of an improper diet for the pufferfish. So, you might want to look at what your pet is having.

Here, the best thing you can do is ensure a proper diet which means a diet filled up with mostly “crunchy fish foods”. Even better options/alternatives could be unshelled sails, mussels, shrimps, woodlice, crayfish, prays, clams, and smaller crabs. This will guarantee proper and healthy teeth care.

Next up, you need to ensure that the teeth of the pufferfish are trimmed. Doing this will reduce the overgrowing problem as well.

Usually, you do not need to trim the teeth of the pufferfish yourself. Because offering them crunchy foods does the work itself. Still, if you notice the “overgrowing” problem, it is time to take matters into your own hands.

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But, should you do it? I mean, are pufferfish friendly?

No. Pufferfish isn’t friendly. They may seem fluffy and cute from a distance. But, the problem is that they are aggressive in nature.

And many people ask this concern- do puffer fish have spikes?

Yes, their body is filled with poisonous spikes. So, you should keep your distance.

That said, if you have never trimmed the teeth of a pufferfish, you should not do it yourself. Because they have a sharper set of teeth, after all.

So, the best option here is to visit a vet and let the professionals handle the dental care of your beloved pufferfish.

Parting Words

Now, at the end of it all, it would be really easy for you to answer this question- do puffer fish have teeth? Yes, pufferfish have teeth. And yes, those teeth are one of the sharpest out there.

Combined as a whole, the four teeth have one of the strongest bites forces out there. But the jaw muscles deserve the credit here as well.

Whatever the case is, the pufferfish can easily chomp through harder shells like it’s nothing for them.

Also, these teeth grow throughout their life. Even when the teeth get eroded, it should not be that much of a concern. The concern will be that these teeth will overgrow and get too long after a while.

With a bad diet, it will get even worse. So, as a pet owner, make sure your fish gets the right food. That’s all from us, goodbye!

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