Where Do Blobfish Live? [Blobfish Habitat]

Blobfish, also known as the ugliest animal, is a deep ocean dweller. In short, blobfish inhabit the marine waters of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans and can be found at depths ranging from 100 to 2800 meters (mostly live between 600 to 1200 meters).

However, there is more you should know about the living of these fish. To know them in detail, read this article.

Where Do Blobfish Live?

Blobfish are a unique species of fish that inhabit the mesopelagic ocean zone, a middle zone in the ocean between the surface and the deep ocean floor.

Specifically, they are found off the coast of Australia and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere and in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans in the Northern Hemisphere. They are known to live at varying depths, anywhere from 100 to 2800 meters below sea level.

real blobfish underwater

One interesting fact distinguishing blobfish from other marine animals is their physical appearance. Due to the pressure differential between their natural habitats and the surface, blobfish has a soft, gelatinous body that is hardly recognizable as a fish. They appear more like a blob of jelly-like substance with distinctive facial features.

In terms of their natural habitat, blobfish have developed unique adaptations to thrive in the dark and cold environments of the mesopelagic zone. They have a reduced swim bladder, which helps them conserve energy and maintain buoyancy in the water.

In addition, they have a low metabolism, allowing them to survive for long periods without food.

Despite their unique appearance and adaptations, blobfish are threatened by a variety of factors, including commercial fishing activities, habitat degradation, and climate change.

As a result, there are ongoing conservation efforts to raise awareness about the importance of preserving these fascinating creatures and their habitats.

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Can Blobfish Live in Freshwater?

No, blobfish can’t live in freshwater. They are deep-sea marine creatures inhabiting the waters off the southeastern coast of mainland Australia and Tasmanian and New Zealandian waters.

Blobfish have evolved to live in the high-pressure, low-light conditions found deep underwater. These conditions are vastly different from those found in freshwater ecosystems, which lack the high pressure and specific salinity levels in deep-sea habitats. As such, blobfish are not equipped to survive in freshwater.

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Furthermore, according to marine ecologist Kerryn Parkinson, who first discovered the blobfish in 2003, these creatures are adapted to feed on deep-sea prey, such as crabs and lobsters. The lack of such prey in freshwater environments would further hinder the blobfish’s survival in such habitats.

Is Blobfish an Aquarium Creature?

Blobfish are not considered aquarium creatures due to their unique water pressure requirements. However, a live blobfish named Bob is currently on display in an aquarium, making him the only existing one in the world.

blobfish in dark

Blobfish are deep-sea creatures that inhabit the cold, dark waters of the Australian, New Zealand, and Tasmania coasts. They spend their entire lives at depths of up to 2800 meters, where the water pressure can be up to 120 times greater than at the surface.

Due to their specialized anatomy, blobfish can adapt to these extreme conditions, which makes it highly challenging to keep them in captivity.

Maintaining the necessary water pressure to keep a blobfish alive and healthy in a typical aquarium would be cost-prohibitive and impractical. Therefore, blobfish are not commonly found in aquarium collections around the world.

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Bob, on the other hand, is a rare exception. He is being housed in a specially-designed tank that can replicate his natural habitat’s high water pressure conditions.

Bob’s unique appearance has also captured the attention of many visitors, making him a new celebrity in the aquarium world.

While he may not be a typical aquarium creature, Bob’s inclusion in the exhibit provides a valuable opportunity for the public to learn more about these mysterious deep-sea dwellers. It also highlights the importance of conserving the fragile marine ecosystems where they live.

Can You Keep Blobfish as a Pet?

No, blobfish cannot be kept as pets due to their unique habitat requirements. Blobfish are deep-sea creatures that inhabit the cold, dark waters of the Australian, New Zealand, and Tasmania coasts.

Their natural habitat is at depths of up to 2800 meters, experiencing water pressure up to 120 times higher than at the surface. As a result, it is not feasible to recreate their environment in a home aquarium.

Furthermore, blobfish cannot survive in a home aquarium’s temperatures and salinity levels. Their unique anatomy allows them to adapt to the high-pressure conditions they encounter at depth, but they would likely become stressed or ill if forced to live in an aquarium environment.

So, keeping them as a pet is not technically possible.

What Is the Water Pressure Of Blobfish Living?

The water pressure of blobfish living at depths of up to 2800 meters can be up to 120 times higher than at the surface. This is due to their unique anatomy, which allows them to adapt to the extreme conditions they encounter in the deep-sea environment.

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At such depths, it is difficult for other marine animals to

How Do Blobfish Survive the Water Pressure?

Blobfish are unique creatures with a specific adaptation that allows them to survive in high-pressure environments. Blobfish do not possess swim bladders like other fish, which help them maintain balance and buoyancy.


The reason for this difference lies in the environment they inhabit. Blobfish live at depths of up to 2800 meters, where the pressure can reach incredible levels, up to 120 times higher than at the surface.

To survive such extreme conditions, blobfish have evolved a body composition that allows them to withstand immense pressure. Their body is made of jelly-like flesh, which is less dense than water, helping them to float effortlessly in the water despite the absence of a swim bladder.

Moreover, their gelatinous flesh allows them to maintain their shape and reduce the risk of being crushed by water pressure.

Another adaptation that helps blobfish survive is their lack of natural predators at their deep sea depth. Few animals can survive at such depths, making blobfish one of the rare inhabitants of this domain.

Additionally, they can survive on a diet of invertebrates and other marine creatures that have adapted to living in high-pressure environments, providing them with adequate nutrition.


This is all about the living of the blobfish. They inhibit the cold and dark waters off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. They are unique creatures with a specific adaptation that allows them to survive in high-pressure environments.

If you have any further queries about them, just let me know. I will answer them as soon as possible.

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