Legend of the Sand Dollar: Does It Mean Good Luck? 

What is the sand dollar story in legend? Are sand dollars good luck? Simply, yes. Sand dollars are considered a symbol of good luck and happy fortune. In addition, these sea biscuits are linked with the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus in the Catholic tradition.

Apart from that, there are various other non-religious folklore tales that signify the importance of sand dollars. Now, let’s dive into the details and find out why sand dollars are considered a token of luck and a good omen.

Legend of the Sand Dollar: Are Sand Dollars Good Luck?

Yes. Sand Dollars are a token of luck and fortune. They bring happiness, joy, and good omen to the life of the person who finds them. Therefore, people often keep sand dollars with them as a mark of luck and a good omen.

sand dollar

Some people also wear them as accessories or keep them on their desk or in their homes for good luck and prosperity. 

In addition, in some cultures, it is believed that if you find a sand dollar with all its markings intact, it brings good luck and blessings to the finder’s life. The five fold symmetry on the shell of the sand dollar is also associated with the five wounds of Jesus.

Why Are Sand Dollars So Special?

Sand Dollars are deemed as the Holy Spirit by Christians and an emblem of fortune and luck by other people. There are various beliefs and folklore tales linked with these sea cakes. So, let’s shed light on them one by one.

The Legend of Sand Dollars: Sand Dollar Inside Meaning

According to the biblical terms of Christian culture, the sand dollars are linked with the life events of Jesus Christ. It represents the three stages of Jesus Christ’s life:

  1. Birth: One side of the sand dollar is marked with a star that symbolizes the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The five-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to find baby Jesus.
  2. Death: The other side of the sand dollar is marked with a flower-like design. This design resembles an Easter Lily. It signifies Jesus’ victory over death.
  3. Resurrection: In the center of the sand dollar, there is a hole that resembles a nail hole. It represents Jesus’ resurrection, and crucifixion. The five holes around it symbolize his wounds.

The Five Slits on Sand Dollars

According to Catholic tradition, the five slits (holes) on the upper surface of sand dollars symbolize the five sacred wounds of Jesus Christ. They are also termed as

a. Five holy wounds

b. Five precious wounds

Jesus Christ suffered five piercing wounds during the crucifixion. Two holes were made in either of the hands using nails. Similarly, two holes were made in either of the feet using holes. 

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Last but not least, a hole was made in the side of the chest of Jesus. So, the five slits on sand dollars represent these five holy wounds of Christ.

The Star of Bethlehem

A star is also present on the upper side of sand dollars. An easter lily outline surrounds this star. This is a miraculous star that appeared at the birth of Jesus Christ. 

According to their belief, God made this star on the birth of Jesus to guide three wise men. After this, the star crushed and descended to earth and became the Star of Bethlehem flower. That is why the Bible marks the Bethlehem flower as a symbol of hope and purity.

Easter Lily Outline

The Easter lily flowers are known to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. So, the Easter lily outline around the star stands for the rebirth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Turning the sand dollar upside down, you find an outline of a poinsettia. It is commonly known as the Christmas Flower. This symbolizes happiness, victory, and love.

What Does a Sand Dollar Symbolize? The Spiritual Meanings!

From strength to freedom and happiness, sand dollars have a lot of spiritual meanings. A few of them are:

  • The hard exoskeleton gives a message of strength. The shell is the actual strength that protects it from harsh conditions.
  • Sand Dollars prefer to live in groups called Purses. It gives a message about living in a community and groups. It helps them survive better.
  • Sand Dollars can quickly adapt to any ocean environment and thus are available in low tidal areas of nearly every ocean. It gives us a sense of freedom. Moreover, it leaves a message to live freely and be flexible.

Apart from these, they are often linked as emblems of bravery, encouragement, socialism, love, and freedom.

Meaning of Finding a Sand Dollar

If you find a sand dollar either alive, broken or dead, it has some spiritual meaning. Here are the details below:

sand dollars

What Is the Meaning of Finding a Live Sand Dollar?

If you find a live sand dollar either at the shoreline or beach, it signifies good luck. It means that something good is going to happen to you soon. You will get something shortly that will leave you content, delighted, and happy. However, a sand dollar can’t survive more than few minutes out of water.

What Does It Mean If You Find a Broken Sand Dollar?

A broken sand dollar adds peace and love to the world. So, if there is a broken sand dollar, it means the five doves present inside it are set free. These doves will add goodwill, peace, and fortune to your life and the world.

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What Does It Mean If You Find a Dead Sand Dollar?

Mostly you find sand dollars at the beach are dead. Because, out of water they have a very short life. So what does it symbolize? Finding a dead sand dollar means wealth and abundance, which is also considered your lucky discovery.

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What Do Dreams of Sand Dollars Mean?

Dreams of sand dollars signify pleasantness and happiness. It could have the following meanings:

  1. You will soon discover some hidden and valuable qualities about yourself. It will contend your heart and make you feel satisfied.
  2. It could represent your unstable psyche state. Either you feel burdened and tensed or believe people are taking advantage. Whatever the situation, stay calm, and do what you feel is right. Depend on yourself, and don’t think from other people’s perspectives.
  3. Last but not least, since sand dollars are a mark of happiness, there are chances that something good will happen soon to you.

What Does a Sand Dollar Tattoo Represent? Different Stories!

Different meanings and stories are associated with sand dollar tattoos. Some people consider it a good luck charm, while others have it done as a mark of strength. So, here are some famous stories associated with the sand dollar tattoo and its meaning.

  • Hawaiian surfers were the first people to use sand dollar tattoos. They wore it as a mark of good luck.
  • For Christians, sand dollar tattoos are a symbol of faith. It helps them remember the life of Jesus Christ and his five wounds.
  • Still, some people get these tattoos to endure them with the strength of sea biscuits.
  • Lastly, for some people, a sand dollar tattoo is nothing but a sweet gesture to show their love for nature and beech.

Mermaid Coin: Lost Coins of People of Atlantis 

According to non-religious mythical beliefs, these sand dollars represent the coins of the people of Atlantis due to their similarity in shape, structure, and design. For that reason, the sand dollar is called the “Mermaid coin.”

Actually, Atlantis is a mythical city that sank into the sea. The people of Atlantis became extremely greedy and morally bankrupt. So, God drowned the entire nation and sank the whole city by sending a terrible night full of fire, followed by earthquakes.

The mythological legends claim that these sea biscuits are the lost coins of the people of Atlantis. Similarly, some claim these coins to be the lost coins of mermaids.

The Doves inside Sand Dollar

sand dollar

If we break the sand dollars and open them, we find five white bird-shaped teeth. These teeth are called doves. 

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Sand dollar inside doves are marked as symbols of love and peace. So, it is said that these doves add a spirit of love, peace, and hope to the world.

In the Bible, under Matthew 3:16, it is narrated that when Jesus was baptized, the doors of the heavens opened for him. And God descended in the form of a dove and lightened upon him. Therefore, these doves are marked as Holy Spirits by Christians.

Is Sand Dollar Jewelry Considered Lucky?

Where Sand Dollars are marked as holy and lucky charms, its jewelry is known to grant strength to the wearer.

Moreover, it attracts positive power and happiness and leads to financial gain. Therefore, people prefer to wear it as a piece of jewelry and carry luck with them.

Different sand dollar ornaments are available worldwide. These include sand dollar charm necklaces, earrings, studs, etc.

How Much Is the Worth of One Sand Dollar?

Since sand dollars are prolific creatures found on nearly every beach, they are relatively inexpensive. You can get a sand dollar between $5 to $15.

The prime factor that decides the worth of a sand dollar is its size. The larger the size of the sand dollar, the more expensive it gets. However, if the sand dollar is dead, its skeleton is worth $0.10.


What does the star on a sand dollar represent?

The star on the sand dollar symbolizes the star of Bethlehem. It is also known as a Christmas star. This star guided three men (Magi) to Jerusalem, where Jesus Christ was born.

What do sand dollars represent?

It includes freedom, good luck, happiness, and fortune. When talking particularly about Christianity, these sand dollars mark the life events of Jesus Christ.

What do the rings of the sand dollar represent?

The rings of the sand dollars help us age the sand dollars. These rings have no spiritual meaning. The number of rings on the outer exoskeleton represents the age of the sand dollar.

When was the first sand dollar found?

The first sand dollar appeared almost 65 million years ago in the Cenozoic Era during the Paleocene. However, the exact date and year have yet to be discovered.Are Sand Dollars Good Luck?

Final Verdict

Sand Dollar is a type of echinoderm that is marked to bring good luck and fortune in life. According to Catholic tradition, sand dollars represent the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Crist.

On the other hand, the non-religious tales claim these sand dollars to be coins of the lost city of Atlantis. To put it bluntly, sand dollars are known to bring out peace and happiness to the world.

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