Is The Sand Dollar A Fossil? [Sand Dollar History]

Yes! Fossils of sand dollars are known to exist. Sand dollar fossils as old as 200 million years have been found. It means these sea cakes have been on Earth since the first epoch of the Cenozoic Era.

Sand dollar fossils are known to have various spiritual powers and astrological meanings. They are known to impart strength and energy. So, without any further ado, let’s move into the details and learn more about sand dollar fossils.

Is The Sand Dollar A Fossil? Let’s know the details (History and Facts)

When a dead sand dollar remains buried under the water sediments or sands for years after years, it is categorized as a sand dollar fossil.

History Of Sand Dollar Fossils

Sand dollars are small marine creatures that belong to Phylum Echinodermata. They prefer to live near the seabed and spend most of their lives there. Some of the sand dollars are also brought to the seashore along the beach coastline by water currents and low tides.

sand dollars

These sand dollars have a small life span of 6 to 10 years.

So, when the sand dollars die, they are buried either in the beach sand or below the water sediments and are preserved in the Earth’s crust.

Some parts (if any) of the sand dollars are decomposed years later, and the remaining leftover is termed sand dollar fossils.

Details of A Few Sand Dollar Fossils

Details of a few sand dollar fossils that have been dated are:

  • Pygurus marmonti is an old sand dollar that was collected from Madagascar. It was polished thoroughly and then dated. The sand dollar was found to exist 150 million years back, in the Late Jurassic Period.
  • Dendraster gibbsi belongs to an extinct specie of sand dollars. It was found in the interior of Kettleman Hills in California. It was dated back to 50 million years ago.
  • Sea Biscuit Echinoids Dakhla Morocco was found to be 25 years old.
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How Old Is a Fossilized Sand Dollar?

When the fossilized sand dollars were dated, some of them were found to be nearly 200 million years. Those sand dollars were found during the Jurassic Period (of dinosaurs).

However, some claim the original sand dollars appeared in the Paleocene, the age soon after the extinction of dinosaurs.

Spiritual Energy of Sand Dollar Fossil

The Spiritual Energy of Sand Dollar is known to endure strength and braveness in people.

Since sand dollars have been on our Earth for centuries, astrologists believe that their fossils are enriched with the vital force of life that helps people adapt to new beginnings and live better lives.

sand dollars

Moreover, these fossils contain both the Energy of the Earth and water. The Spiritual Energy of water imparts the sand dollars with divine generosity and healing properties.

On the other hand, the spiritual side of Earth grants innovation, creativity, and longevity to the sea biscuits.

Astrological Signs

Sand dollar fossils are linked with the following two astrological signs:

  • Pisces
  • Virgo

These signs impart fossils with a logical and systematic approach to ways of life.

In addition, some people claim these fossils to have a strong connection with the Sacral and Root Chakras.

The root chakra, commonly known as Muladhara, is present as the base of the human spine. It grants a sense of stability, completeness, and security.

Similarly, sand dollar fossils and Sacral chakras are known to govern emotional health, feelings, and expressions.

General Meaning of Sand Dollar Fossils

Apart from the spiritual and astrological meanings we learned in the above section, sand dollar fossils are known to:

  • Be the energetic healers
  • Contain vibrational energy and peace of water
  • Balance emotional state
  • Bring vital life force in us
  • Fulfill our desires
  • Anchor our affirmations
  • Embrace a feeling of security and internal strength
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How Much Do Sand Dollar Fossils Cost?

Sand dollar fossils come in a diverse range. Some are available for prices as low as $4, and others are known to be as costly as $300 and even more.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Q.1 How long have sand dollars been on earth?

Sand dollars as old as 150 million years have been dated. However, the first true sand dollar, which had completely diverged from sea urchins, is known to appear 65 million years ago. It is found in the first epoch of the Cenozoic Era.

Q.2 Are sand dollars getting extinct?


Sand Dollars are not categorized as rare or extinct species. However, their existence is threatened in some areas of the world. Therefore, collecting sand dollars in some areas of the world is illegal.

Q.3 Where to find sand dollars?

Sand dollars live in the low tidal area of the ocean near the sea floor. You can find one along the seashore and beachside after a low tide.

Q.4 What are fossils?

The preserved remains of organisms once part of the geological age is called fossils. The study of fossils is termed paleontology. Examples of fossils are imprints, shells, sand dollar tests, animal teeth, etc.

Final Verdict

Sand dollar fossils are known to exist. When dated, they are known to be present since the Cenozoic era. Various astrological and spiritual powers are associated with these fossils. They are known to contain the vital energy of life.

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