Where and How Long do Oarfish Live?

Oarfish are mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, Southern California’s Topanga Beach, and the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Generally speaking, oarfish are found in all tropical and temperate waters worldwide. They prefer to live in deep waters at a depth of around 3300ft in Oceans. About the lifespan of Oarfish, the specific lifespan of Oarfish hasn’t been known so far. But Oarfish can live up to 10 years, depending on the type of water they’re living in!

Oarfish have always been mysterious creatures to human beings from the beginning. From having a long, ribbon-like structure to not seeing them on shores, they’ve always been a surprise in the marine world. However, through our research, we’ve found some valuable information, and today, we’ll be sharing them with you.

So, if you’re one of those who’d love to know where do Oarfish live and how long they live, you’ve just arrived at the right place! Keep reading and discover some amazing details about Oarfish that will surely blow your mind.

Where Do Oarfish Live?

Oarfish always prefer temperate water. That means they don’t like being in too cold or too hot water. That’s why most oarfish are found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.

Geographical Distribution

More specifically, Oarfish are also found in Topanga Beach, south of Chile (Southern California). Besides, they’re proven to be seen in Eastern Pacific Oceans. On top of that, a large number of Oarfish are often found in Japan. And they’re known as “Namazu” by Japanese People.

Unlike other fishes, it’s quite difficult to find the habitat or living places of oarfish for a number of reasons. Oarfish live in deep waters compared to other marine animals or fishes.

Besides, they seldom come out at the shore or near the human habitat. They’ve been living secretly under the sea or ocean for hundreds of years.

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The oarfish that have been found on the shore were mostly dead. They came to the shore after being washed away by the currents. So, for these reasons, it’s quite hard to locate and track their exact habitat.

An interesting fact about oarfish is that they’re considered a cosmopolitan species. As you already know their living places, if you notice carefully, you’ll see that oarfish aren’t found only on a single continent or a single geographical boundary. Rather, they’re found all over the globe except the polar seas.

In What Depths Do Oarfish Live?

Oarfish have been known as deep-living marine animals as they mostly live in depths around 656 feet or 200 metres. However, there have been proven records of finding them living at 3280 feet or 1000 m also!

As we already said, oarfish are not noticeable much. They typically don’t come in shores or human sight. Besides, as they live in much deeper heights, the fact is more solid.

However, most of the oarfish come to the shores when they’re dead. They are carried by currents. Besides being dead, there have been reports of finding injured or dying oarfish at sea levels too!

Reading this far, you might be asking yourself, can Oarfish live around shore?

Well, for your information, oarfish cannot live around the shore. They’re almost 10 to 20 feet long and need temperate waters, so they won’t survive at sea levels. Their respiration works perfectly in deep waters. So, they can only survive at the preferred depths!

There’s a major myth about oarfish, and that is, Oarfish can predict earthquakes or tsunamis. And it’s believed that oarfish come to the shores before an earthquake or tsunami as a warning to people. And this myth was circulating mainly in the Japanese region.

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But according to Japanese researchers, this isn’t logical at all. They’ve studied this thoroughly and come to the conclusion that oarfish can’t predict earthquakes or natural disasters. The whole thing is a myth!

Who Do Giant Oarfish Live With?

Oarfish live solitarily. That means they live alone without any partner, companions or family. And this is also the case for giant oarfish too!

Most of the time, oarfish or Giant oarfish live with other fishes that come their way. They live in greater depths where there are food sources like plankton or other small fishes.

Do Oarfish Survive in Fresh Water?

Oarfish need temperate and saltwater for their survival. That’s one of the sole reasons why they’re found in deep seas or oceans.

Most of the rivers, ponds, and streams have fresh water. Although some marine animals like dolphins might survive in this type of water body, they’re not a suitable environment for Oarfish.

So Oarfish won’t survive in freshwater. They need temperate and saltwater bodies for survival!

Do Oarfish Need Saltwater?

Yes, Oarfish need saltwater for their survival.

Oarfish typically prefer calm and temperate waters and live in greater depths. Besides, they’re found mostly in seas and Oceans with salt water. So yes, Oarfish need salt water.

So if you’re ever planning to fish oarfish, make sure to go to a sea or ocean instead of ponds or streams. Besides, make sure to bring a fishing stick of length around 200m as Oarfish live around this height typically.

Jokes apart, Oarfish are found in the deep sea and oceans. They certainly have saltwater, unlike ponds or streams.

That’s why oarfish cannot be kept in shallow water or aquariums as it’s difficult to maintain the water condition and environment of saltwater in those types of water bodies!

How Long Do Oarfish Live?

The lifespan of oarfish depends mainly on the type of water bodies or the geographical areas they live. Besides, there isn’t any accurate data available on the lifespan of oarfish due to their lower presence and availability on the shore.

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However, our research discovered that giant Oarfish could live more than 10 years! They cannot survive on regular water bodies like other fishes.

For survival, Oarfish prefer temperate waters where temperatures range between 18 to 22 degrees.

Do Oarfish Survive in Aquariums?

Oarfish are huge in length. They have incredibly long body shapes and huge weights. For this reason, it’s quite impossible to keep Oarfish in aquariums.

Another reason why Oarfish cannot be kept in aquariums is the water type. Alongside having incredibly long body shapes and massive weights, Oarfish need deep water and specific water pressure.

In aquariums, there are lower-pressure surface waters, and Oarfish cannot withstand those. And it’s quite impossible for people to provide a deep sea-like environment at aquariums for oarfish.

So, for the above reasons, oarfish aren’t and cannot be kept in aquariums. Even if they’re kept, they typically won’t survive for long!


Oarfish are indeed mysterious creatures. From having myths about predicting earthquakes or natural disasters to unbelievably living at a maximum height of 3300 ft, they’ve some mind-blowing characteristics!

People didn’t know about their origin, geographical location, and habitat for a long time. However, we did some thorough research and presented you with the most accurate information available on them!

As you’ve already read this far, we believe you now know where Oarfish live and how long they live

So that’s all about knowing about the geographical location and habitat of Oarfish. We’ll be coming up with more interesting facts about Oarfish that will definitely leave you in awe. So, stay tuned!

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