Are Swordfish Aggressive? [Explained]

The most frequently asked question about Swordfish is, are Swordfish aggressive? Let’s find out the answer here.

Swordfish look fierce and vigorous. They have a long sword-like sharp bill in front of its head, and they can be dangerous if provoked. The most important factor is that it won’t be aggressive if you don’t bother the fish.

Furthermore, Swordfish apply a technique to catch their prey. They make their prey unconscious with repeated swipes and catch it easily. The sharp bill is like a tool for the Swordfish to cut and slice their prey.

Are Swordfish Aggressive?

Swordfish are not normally considered aggressive. But they can use their long bill as a weapon to save themselves. When they are hooked, they become aggressive. They move randomly and hit everything in front of them. Hence, it is important to exercise caution around them.

However, Swordfish are typically found in deep, open waters, so encounters with humans are rare. But if you have to close the Swordfish, it would be wise to avoid getting too close to them.

Swordfish are large and powerful, with a sword-like long bill in front of its head. It is the most potent fish as it has no natural predators in the ocean.

Sometimes Ocra and some species of shark try to attack Swordfish, but they fail due to the long bill of the Swordfish. The fish protect itself from predators with its sharp bill. On the contrary, Swordfish make the predator its food. 

Aggressive Behavior Among Swordfish?

Scientists are alarmed that the Swordfish are becoming aggressive day by day. It’s not good news for other creatures living in the ocean.

Recently, a 10-feet long dead Shark was spotted floating on the shore of Libya with a broken Swordfish bill lodged in its chest. A Ph.D. student said it was an alarming signal for the other ocean creatures.

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It is assumed that if the Swordfish attacks a human, it can instantly separate the head from the shoulder.

Causes of Aggression

Swordfish can be aggressive for several reasons if they starve for a long time, if there is any wound in their muscles or if they can’t maintain their territories. They can be aggressive if they don’t have enough space to live. For instance, keeping the Swordfish in a small aquarium will be aggressive as they feel comfortable in specific areas.


In fact, almost all fish species can be cruel to their surroundings. Besides this, aggressive behavior can arise from the territory, genetic variation, and sex-specific selection. Again, the alpha male swordfish can fight for mates with the other males.

That’s not all. For many other reasons, Swordfish can become aggressive. Let’s know about the factors.

Aggressiveness For Pregnancy

Female pregnant Swordfish have a habit of being stressed. They feel lonely due to their pregnancy. If any fish tries to bother the pregnant Swordfish, she always chases the fish and fights with it.

Male-To-Female Ratio

When male and female Swwordfish live in a specific area, sometimes they behave violently. If the female Swordfish matured, the male Swordfish tried to mate with them. At this time, the strong male Swordfish dominates the other male Swordfish.

Small Swimming Space

As we know, Swordfish is the fastest swimmer. They like to live in spacious areas freely. So, they become aggressive if they can’t swim freely.

Are Swordfish Dangerous?

Swordfish are potential fighters. They won’t be harmful to you until you provoke them. But they can be dangerous when harpooned. If any fisherman hits them from the boat, they run their bill through the small boat. In 1015, a Swordfish killed a fisherman as he provoked the Swordfish.

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On top of that, fishermen should take proper caution while catching a Swordfish. Sometimes, the fishermen spend a long-time catching Swordfish. As a result, the fisherman gets tired and loses their energy. In the meantime, the Swordfish can attack them with its large bill. This type of careless mistake may take their lives.

On the other hand, Swordfish is a fish of 1400 pounds, about 15 feet long. Swordfish are unbelievably powerful and lightning-fast fish. Undoubtedly, any human or fish can become infected if exposed to it. Hence, those involved in catching or handling the fish should take proper cushion and take extreme care while in contact with the fish.

On the whole, The Swordfish is dangerous for fishermen and other marine life like Blue sharks, Squid, Mako sharks, and other creatures.

Do Swordfish Really Stab?

It depends on the situation when the Swordfish needs to stab. The normal process of catching their prey is thrashing the prey’s head around and slicing the prey with the sharp bill.

In this process, the prey’s body becomes unconscious, and the Swordfish easily take it under control. Basically, Swordfish rarely stab their prey. On the contrary, they injure the prey.

Swordfish do not intentionally impale other marine life. Sometimes accidentally, they can do it. Because Swordfish usually swim in large schools of fish. That time some fish or creatures can be injured due to thrashing their bill around even some animals can be paralyzed.

Are Swordfish Poisonous?

We know that the larger the sea fish, the higher the mercury levels. Swordfish is one of them as it includes high levels of mercury. Moreover, the United States Food and Drug Administration ensures that Swordfish can poison the human body slowly. The toxic elements of the fish attack the food chain and human body gradually. So, they warn about Swordfish’s high level of methylmercury.


Again, the FDA recommends that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and young children avoid eating this toxic fish.

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But cooked Swordfish is relatively safe as it reduces 30% mercury.

Do Swordfish Have Teeth?

No, there have no teeth in the jaws of Swordfish. In fact, the long bills of the Swordfish work likely teeth. The dorsal fin attack preys and works for chewing and eating. Even the adult Swordfish is not seen as having teeth.


What is the expected behavior of the Swordfish?

Swordfish usually like to swim alone in spacious areas. They move their large dorsal fin to avoid parasites. Sometimes, they jump from the water and use the long bill to defend themselves.

What happens when a Swordfish attacks a human?

Swordfish usually have long, sharp fins. If they use these fins to attack a human, he rarely dies. People usually die if it strikes the crucial limbs of the human body. But some reports say Swordfish didn’t cause any people to die.

Warp Up

I think now it is clear how Swordfish can become aggressive. The main reason for their aggressiveness is when they feel threatened or insecure. So, when you hook a Swordfish, ensure that you take extra care of it. Handling them carefully when transferring the fish onto a boat is also important.

On the whole, a fish seldom kills a human. Therefore, taking Swordfish lightly is not a wise decision.


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