Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins? [Explained]

Whether or not sharks are afraid of dolphins depends on their species and size. However, sharks tend to fear dolphins due to their intelligence, physical abilities, social structure, and electrical field. These factors make dolphins strong predators in the ocean.

In this article, I will discuss all these factors in detail so that you have no doubts.

Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins?

As I said before, sharks are afraid of dolphins. But, in a deep sense, the fear factor for sharks always depends on the species and size of both sharks and dolphins.

For instance, if we compare the intelligence and hunting capabilities of the average shark to those of an apex predator such as an orca or killer whale, then it becomes evident that sharks would be afraid of orcas (the largest dolphin). Orcas are not only larger, but they are also more intelligent and have a wider variety of prey they can hunt, including sharks.

Great White Shark

However, when it comes to smaller species of dolphins, such as bottlenose and spinner dolphins, they possess a unique ability to outmanoeuvre and escape from most predators, including sharks.

For example, when faced with the threat of great white sharks, smaller dolphins like bottlenose often have to leave the area until it is safe to return.

Remember, not all sharks are the same; some species may be less likely to fear dolphins. For instance, there are some reports of nurse sharks and lemon sharks coexisting with dolphins without any issues.

But, these are isolated incidents, and it is generally accepted that most sharks will avoid dolphins if they have the option.

Why Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins?

There are several reasons why sharks are afraid of dolphins, which can be attributed to the dolphins’ physical characteristics and behavioral patterns. Here are the details-

Strong Social Structure and Intelligence

Dolphins are intelligent mammals with strong social structures. They work together to defend against predators, including sharks. Because of their advanced brains, mammals like dolphins are generally more intelligent than fish like sharks, giving them an advantage.

Excellent Eyesight and Hearing

Dolphins have excellent eyesight and hearing, which allows them to detect sharks before they get too close. They can also use echolocation to locate and track sharks, making avoiding potential threats easier.

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Agility and Speed

Dolphins are more agile and faster than sharks, making them difficult to catch. They are known to swim at speeds of up to 60 km/h, which is much faster than most shark species. This makes it challenging for sharks to catch up to them, especially in open waters.

Use of Tail and Flippers as Weapons

Dolphins can use their tails and flippers as weapons to strike at sharks in self-defense. They are powerful swimmers and can generate significant force with their tails and flippers. This can be used to stun or injure a shark, making it easier for them to escape.

Communication to Warn Each Other

Dolphins communicate to warn each other of the presence of a shark, allowing them to coordinate their defensive efforts. They use a variety of vocalizations, including clicks, whistles, and squeaks, to alert each other of potential threats. This enables them to act quickly and efficiently to defend themselves against sharks.

Electrical Field

Some species of dolphins have the ability to produce a strong electrical field, which can disorient and confuse a shark. This makes it difficult for sharks to detect and track them, giving dolphins an advantage when defending themselves against potential predators.

Do Dolphins Attack Sharks?


Yes, dolphins attack sharks as a means of self-defence and as a way to protect their offspring. Dolphins possess a lot of physical strength in their snouts, and they use this ability to attack sharks.

However, targeting sharks’ soft underbellies and gills is safer for them than attacking the head or fins, which could result in serious injury to the dolphin.

Moreover, dolphins also possess innate intelligence and communication skills which help them to coordinate their attacks on sharks effectively. The dolphins work together to surround the shark and confuse it before ramming it with their powerful snouts.

This protects them from potential predators and helps the dolphins teach their young how to survive in the ocean.

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It should be noted that dolphins only attack smaller shark species, such as blacktip and spinner sharks, not the larger and more dangerous species, such as great whites. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as orcas, the largest members of the dolphin family and known for their ability to hunt even the largest shark species.

Are Dolphins Stronger Than Sharks?

No, dolphins are not stronger than sharks. Sharks are known for their size, strength, and viciousness in the ocean. However, dolphins have unique advantages that make them formidable predators in their own right.

Great White Shark

One advantage that dolphins have over sharks is their speed and agility. Dolphins are known for their impressive swimming abilities and can even outrun many shark species. Additionally, dolphins are incredibly intelligent and have been observed working in teams to take down prey. This level of cooperation and strategic thinking gives them an advantage over sharks, who typically hunt alone.

Dolphins also have a unique adaptation in the form of their beaks, which are designed for grabbing and tearing apart prey. This allows them to target specific areas of a shark’s body and effectively defend themselves if attacked. Dolphins have used this technique to fend off sharks and protect themselves and their pod.

Furthermore, while sharks can rely on their size and strength to overpower their prey, dolphins have developed a range of sophisticated hunting techniques that allow them to catch larger prey like tuna and even sailfish. These techniques include strategic dives, bubble nets, and coordinated attacks.

Will A Dolphin Kill a Shark?

While it is rare, dolphins are capable of killing sharks in certain situations. The orca, which is the largest member of the dolphin family, has been known to hunt great white sharks when food is scarce. However, this behavior is an exception rather than the norm among dolphins.

Dolphins typically only attack sharks when they feel threatened. In these situations, dolphins will use their powerful beaks to target vulnerable areas of the shark’s body, such as its underbelly or gills. This can cause the shark to become disoriented, allowing the dolphins to escape.

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Dolphins have a complex social structure and can work together to defend themselves against predators. In fact, some dolphin species are known to employ a technique called “mobbing,” where a group of dolphins will surround a predator and chase it away.

Do Dolphins Eat Sharks?

Not all dolphins eat sharks, as the diet of dolphins varies depending on their species and environment. However, orcas, also known as killer whales and the largest members of the dolphin family, have been known to hunt great white sharks and other small sharks.


What do dolphins eat? Most dolphin species generally feed on fish, squid, and crustaceans. They have been observed to eat schools of fish or individual prey, using their echolocation to locate their prey and then chasing and catching them in their powerful jaws. Dolphins have occasionally eaten small sharks, but this is not a common occurrence.

On the other hand, orcas have a more diverse diet that can include a variety of prey, such as fish, seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals. When food is scarce, orcas have been observed to hunt and kill great white sharks.

These apex predators are no match for the intelligent and cooperative hunting strategies orcas employ. They can use their powerful tails to create waves that disorient and tire the shark before delivering a fatal blow with their jaws.


You should now understand why sharks are afraid of dolphins. Dolphins have developed several strategies to defend themselves from sharks, such as using their speed and agility and communicating with each other to coordinate their defences against possible threats.

Moreover, dolphins also possess an innate intelligence that they can use to effectively hunt and kill smaller shark species when food is scarce.

Although they are not stronger than sharks in terms of physical strength, dolphins have a range of unique adaptations and strategies which give them an advantage in the wild.

Let me know if you still have any doubts about these two ocean creatures.

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